SFW Tools

The collection of scripts and plugins created when ThoughtStorms was running on the Smallest Federated Wiki. Mainly to support my own use of it for ThoughtStorms.


The original SmartAscii / markup language for ThoughtStorms. It is based on UseMod's so if you have UseMod formated pages, then this should render them.

The "Wikish" Plugin for the Smallest Federated Wiki.

Note, however, that ThoughtStorms wiki has now been translated to MarkDown and no longer uses Wikish. This plugin remains as a convenience for anyone else thinking of porting UseMod to the SFW.

QuickPaste :

Paste a larger chunk of text (several paragraphs) and get it back in SFW's json format. You can select whether the paragraphs are typed with wikish or ordinary.

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