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My personal wiki which I've been adding to since 2003. It has about 6000 pages, a mixture of short essays, conversations, links (some dead) and other lists. It's recently been ported to the Smallest Federated Wiki and is starting to be gardened more intensively.

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Project ThoughtStorms

The collection of scripts and plugins I'm adding to the Smallest Federated Wiki. Mainly to support my own use of it for ThoughtStorms.

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An earlier wiki-like personal organizer I wrote. Some of the ideas from SdiDesk are feeding into Project ThoughtStorms. However, a version of the original code is also still around.

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OWL (Outliner with Wiki-Linking)

This is a new project, launched when the Concord browser-based outliner was open-sourced. It wraps Concord in a wiki-like environment of multiple named pages and with a simple way to create links to new pages. The combination of wiki at the large-scale, and outlining in the small, is very powerful.

OWL is changing my thinking of where I'm going with Project ThoughtStorms. In many ways it's a more plausible successor to SdiDesk than I was able to bend the SFW to be. Particularly as I've had some success wrapping it in an Android app. and am using this version fairly heavily.

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Smart Disorganized

The Smart Disorganized Individual was a concept I was developing around the same time as a personal productivity program called SdiDesk. It stands for the idea that technologies should empower us to be smart (as opposed to aim to de-skill us), should operate at the individual level (be adopted by us as personal tools, not be imposed on us by hierarchies), and that one of the greatest productivity benefits that technology can give us is to improve asynchronous, ad-hoc co-ordination. That it can take the pain of having to co-ordinate and conform to rigid time-tabling and institutional practices away from us, allowing us to be more disorganized, spontaneous and creative.

This ideal, of course, allies with those of the agile and lean development movements; with people in various wiki communities; with those who admire Unix or powerful functional programming languages; with Mark Bernstein’s “Neo-Victorian Computing“; and with the thoughts and writings of some of my latest heroes : John Ruskin and William Morris’s Arts and Crafts movement)

Smart Disorganized is my blog to talk about such things. It’s also my general programming blog (because my programming life is largely about scripting and small-scale, personally empowering projects and programming languages). And it’s my blog for cheer-leading examples of SDI-ness such as wiki, blogs, outliners and spreadsheets etc.

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